The Amazing Spider-Man - Film Review (contains spoilers)

Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone. Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Chris Zylka

Okay, so basically, not being able to remember the first Spider-Man series featuring Tobey Mcguire (I was 5 or 6 when the first film came out and I liked princesses WAY too much to watch a man wearing spandex fight crime) I found this film rather interesting.

Looking For Alaska - Book Review (contains spoilers)

I read this book a few weeks ago and it was pleasant, not “WOW THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!” but just simply pleasant. Don’t get me wrong, I love John Green but this book was a little lacking for me; the woman in the shop (Waterstones if you’re wondering) told me that it was a love story and, because I’m a sucker for romantic stories and I loved TFIOS, I bought it.