The Rosie Project - Book Review (NO SPOILERS)

I know I don’t post book reviews that often, but often (due to the amount of college work I have to do) I don’t get chance to read as much as I would like. But recently, I’ve had a surge of wanting to read so here I am… :)

My friend got me this book for Christmas and I had heard about it from some other friends, but that was as far as my knowledge went. As soon as I began to read I realised that this wasn’t your ordinary girly boy meets girl as, firstly it’s written from a 39 year old university professor’s point of view, and also the narrator is socially challenged, leaving a lot to be interpreted by the reader as the book progresses. But, despite this, I was drawn into the story straight away and I had a hunger to see how it ended. Plus I liked the idea that the main character devises a test to help him get a wife (there’s a copy in the back of the book I have and I am wildly un-match-able for him L ) because it’s different and not the stereotypical boy meets girl in coffee shop or girl and boy meet through tragic situation which I think makes it better!
However, as a romance nut, I felt that the romantic side of the book was a little lacking (I mean there was this one bit, but nothing really happened after that so…) and it kinda seemed a little rushed at the end.
Overall, I think this is worth an 8/10 for the entertainment value and the fact that it made me chuckle.


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