Blogger's Block (18/31)

Eurghhhhhh.... I have started this blog post 3 times and for some reason I can't find the words (strange I know) and that got me thinking, I think I have a case of 'Blogger's Block'!

No matter what I type today, nothing seems to be fitting... Usually if I don't have a topic to blog about I wait and inspiration usually strikes... but not today! Okay, so I know that I am technically cheating because I am, in fact, writing a blog post about the fact that I couldn't find any inspiration to write said post about! #blog-ception  But this is worse than the time I had to do a creative writing assignment in high school and the only idea I could think of was about a girl who got eaten by her mattress (turned out pretty well... I got a B!)

Why me? What did I do cruel world? (Yes I know I am making a teeny-tiny over exaggeration) But I am wondering, how long will this last? Am I doomed to make blog posts with no content for ever? I bet you're all reading this going "What the heck is she on about?" but to me it makes sense!

Well, this was suitable rubbish so I'm gonna leave you with the best vine ever:

Lottie :)

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