Lazy Sundays are the best kinda day (4/31)

Usually, I go walking on a Sunday with my family; it allows me to exercise and then to focus on my homework in the afternoon. But, after looking out of the window this morning and seeing a cloudy grey sky, I decided to miss a week and have a lazy day doing homework and finishing odd jobs around the house...

I actually really enjoyed it! It was nice not to set an alarm and to be able to leisurely eat my breakfast whilst watching crappy breakfast TV (although Collabro were on today so it made it better! :D) and it really got me thinking about how hectic my life has been lately. As you are probably aware, I am a student and that means a whole HEAP of homework and stress lately, so the chance to have a lazy day was extremely welcome for me - any students reading this: HAVE YOURSELF A LAZY DAY!

And also, I cant forget that it's mother's day! To celebrate myself and mum went to our local shopping centre for a girly shop and a cheeky KFC in the evening which was a lovely way to end the day, shame it's Monday tomorrow! :(

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