Simple Desires (6/31)

Tuesdays are probably the worst day for me in my college week as I have a three hour gap between my lessons... meaning I get bored fast!

It's times like this when I begin to crave things; chocolate, my onesie and a good cuppa to name a few - things that make me feel better when I have nothing to do but stare blankly at a History textbook. These are my 'Simple Desires', things that cheer me up and don't cost an arm and a leg to fund. That comfy pair of leggings that have a hole in the knee but always make you feel better when you've been wearing skinny jeans all day, that one cup that you love to drink your tea out of or even that one brand of chocolate that you value above all else - these, my friends are 'Simple Desires' and we all have them!
Ooh... want to see another one of my 'Simple Desires'... watching dogs trying to walk in shoes ;)

Lottie :)

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