Don't jump on the band-wagon (22/31)

Myself and a friend had this conversation earlier and it really got me thinking, why do people like things just because celebrities like them?

I mean, I understand there will be times when you genuinely like the same thing as the famous person (One Direction got me into 5SOS and I am definitely not complaining) however some people take this waaaay too far. I've known people turn vegetarian because their fave celeb turned veggie and not because they actually wanted to stop eating meat, but I really hate it whey rub it in your face "OMG, why are you eating that juicy beef burger, Justin Beiber tells us to love animals..." and then a week later "Yeah, I'd like one beef burger with extra bacon, chicken dippers and a huge stack of BBQ ribs... Justin is back on the meat!" I mean, if I take this to the next level, Justin Beiber (or however you spell his last name) could be brainwashing us all *whispers* buy my next album... it's really good! and we would never know it! Just think about THAT the next time you decide to become a celery-loving vegan who loves to partay... But my point is, find things that you like, and don't jump on the band-wagon and like things just because someone else does!

Okay, that went on a strange tangent... #sorrynotsorry

Lottie :)

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