House goals

May 05, 2015

A YouTuber I watch (It'swaypastmybedtime) has recently moved into her own flat (which is awesome BTW) and that got me thinking how I would decorate my flat when I eventually move out into the big wide world...

This is a tricky one for me because, as a typically indecisive person, there are just soo many options. What colour would I paint my walls? Where would I put all my books? How many cupboards would my crazy mug collection take up by this point (and if you know me, you know that I have a lot of crazy mugs!) But there are obvious things I feel that I should include (future me, take note):
  • A HUGE bookcase (ideally spanning a whole wall, but if I can't afford the space then just a big bookcase will do) to store all of my books and DVDs I will amass from now until the point I move into my own home and, knowing me, that will be a lot!!
  • Space to move. I know this sounds silly, because who doesn't want space to move in? But as a dancer, I like to move around and lay on the floor and basically be weird, and I can't do that if there are sofas in my way.
  • Wall space to fill with photos. I LOVE photos, I love looking back on how I used to dress and old memories and I love the idea of personalising my space so that I am greeted by good memories every time I enter my home.
  • Fairy lights... just simply fairy lights everywhere... think how much I will save on electricity.
  • A good view, I love the view from my bedroom at the moment so it would be lovely to have a view wherever I move into... I'm not talking about rows and rows of houses, I'm talking about fields or seeing miles of the city I live in...
  • Plenty of storage space. I have a personality whereby when I find something I love, I love hard. It happened last year with Rimmel nail varnish, I found a colour I loved and I soon bought 6 or 7 bottles of the same brand just because... this soon evolved into a love for all nail varnish (I now have a collection of over 80) and this led me onto nail art... basically what I am saying is that, with a personality like mine, one wardrobe and some drawers isn't going to cover it...
The morale of this story is, I better hope I get a good job otherwise this dream will remain just that... a dream!

Lottie :)

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