I can't sing!

One thing I am really jealous of, is people who can sing. I literally sound like a beached whale on the rare occasions that I attempt to sing but I reaaaaalllllly wish I sounded at least semi-decent.

I have tried to teach myself to sing, but I gave up because I think I actually made myself worse! I don't know how that works, but hey, I managed it! My friend can sing really well (she says she can't but she is lying) and, compared to her, I sound sooo bad, like think X Factor rejects bad! Although I read somewhere that singing can be taught, so there is hope, maybe when I start earning some moneyz I can enroll in singing lessons so that I can sing in the car without sounding too horrendous! Is anyone willing to be my teacher? I will pay you with cupcakes and sarcasm... pls?

If you are wondering where this sudden burst of creative exploration has come from, I have recently started listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and I have been rendered utterly speechless by Christine's singing ability... like holy poop! I mean I gather that she was probably born with that ability but one can only dream, right?

Lottie :)

(When I watched this for the first time I was like this -> :O because, IT'S NICOLE SCHERZINGER!) 

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