I had an epiphany in M&S

Today something happened that made me realise how negative I am about myself... nothing bad, don't worry, but it kinda just opened my eyes a little bit.

Basically I was having a moan to my mum whilst in Marks and Spencer about clothes shopping and how hard it is for me to find certain items when this elderly lady turned around, looked me up and down then said;
"Love, don't be so hard on yourself, you've got a gorgeous figure, you should love yourself for yourself!" 
Then she proceeded to turn around and to pay for her things. 

I have to say, I was a little shocked at first, I mean it's not everyday that something like this happens but it got me thinking... Everybody has a different body type and therefore, different measurements. I realised that I had been comparing myself to other people instead of focusing on what strengths I have in my own body, rather than what I lack. Everyday men and women are bombarded with these 'perfect' images of models posing next to shampoo bottles or whatever and, even though we know that they are heavily photo shopped, we still compare ourselves to them; "Why don't I look like Cara Delegivne?", "Why don't I have rock hard abs?", "Why are my legs not as long as the nile?" and the answer is, because we are all different. Now, I'm not saying that this instance has made me 100% body confident, because only time will deliver that, but it made me open my eyes about the way I was perceiving myself. For a complete stranger to say something so lovely to me made me realise that others don't see me the way I see me and that means a lot. I know I sound all soppy and cheesy but I've had what I call a light-bulb moment (other people may call it an Epiphany), where something just clicks in your brain and you go "oh right... now I get it!" and I've sort of realised that moaning about myself won't suddenly change what you don't like, but learning to embrace it will...

Lottie :) 

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