Voting in the General Election

May 07, 2015

I did an adult-y thing today and I voted for the very first time in the General Election!

I had done my research before hand and went to the Polling Station with my parents and put an X in the appropriate box, and let me tell you... I fell well grown up! Knowing I have the power now to affect the way my country is governed is quite a big thing for a girl who then went home and listened to the High School Musical soundtrack, let me tell you! I am used to letting all this political stuff go over my head, but this time I had to pay attention, and it was a little overwhelming at first; there were manifestos to read, party political broadcasts to watch and debates to listen to and my brain flapped for a while before I narrowed my options down. Safe to say, for a first time voter, I felt as though I had been thrown in the deep end and was wildly stabbing in the dark.  However, now I have cast my vote I am anticipating to see if the results come out the way I hope, it's kinda like when you vote for your favourite singer on the X Factor and you have to wait a bit to see if they won, although a bit more serious... I want the party I voted for to win, but then again, so do many other people so who knows what is going to happen? Not me that's for sure! I am but one little fish in a very big pond so seeing where the other fish will swim will be interesting... :/

Sorry if this blog post wasn't that interesting, but I thought I would tell you how I am feeling on the evening of my very first voting experience. Again... sorry for the boringness, but politics aren't that interesting really, when you gather that you are voting for who is going to run your country for the next 5 years...

Lottie :)

(Okay, I know this badge is from the American elections, but it has Captain America on it, and who doesn't love Captain America? And, you get the gist anyways...)

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  1. Skinnyjeansandsneekers1018 May 2015 at 09:10

    Love it :)