My First Masquerade Ball

November 06, 2015

From a young age, every girl wants to go to a Masquerade Ball, and last night I got to live the dream when I went to my first ever Masquerade Ball!

Before I became Zorro for the evening :P
Being a social for university societies, it wasn't a 'conventional' ball where girls wore elaborate ball gowns, arrive in a horse-drawn carriage and fall in love with a Prince at the end of the night. This is university, we walked to the club in the rain, got free champagne (bonus!) and then danced to Flo Rida in the club - culminating our evening with a trip to Maccy D's because a girl gotta eat!

Despite the rain, I had so much fun! Nothing is better than being anonymous for the evening (not in an illegal way either!) but I was slightly disappointed that I didn't magically become Hilary Duff in 'A Cinderella Story' and get to 1) wear that awesome dress and 2) get to dance with someone on that cool veranda surrounded by fairylights! What's a girl gotta do to get a dance around here?! :P

Some photos from the evening:

                    My mask ft Rain Hair                               Ahh, the sound of free champagne                                                                    

When the masks come off - The glasses cone out to play...

Cheeky Snapchat selfie - Check

 photo 8cc3c5da-bb9d-4f6e-a958-214c79fcc8bb_zps2d899653.png  photo 8a53bf3b-e055-4bab-be06-30559d3f8d54_zps8c5f80d5.png  photo fbbbf2f7-086c-413b-9989-0edfa5e4b3ec_zps30839ce2.png

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