Blogmas Day Four - What's on my Christmas Tree?

This is my first Christmas as a student but this didn't stop my flatmates and I getting extremely hyped up for the festive season and buying a christmas tree and the trimmings to put in our flat. I mean it wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't dance around the Christmas tree, singing cheesy Christmas songs now would it?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
This is our tree, we decided to go with a colour scheme of purple and gold with cadbury's chocolates on it. We didn't realise until later that we had gone for the Cadbury's colours, but our tree looks pretty so I don't care! Surprisingly enough, this didn't cost us that much, the tree was £5, the baubles were a deal, the lights £2.50, the chocolates were the most expensive part ironically! Our little tree adds some festive cheer to our apartment, and we hung our advent calendar's up on the notice board to spruce the place up further. 
So shiny... 

The piece de la resistance

Malteasers and Captain America presiding over Christmas

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