May 12, 2016

Ok, so I am going to veer away from the usual 'light' topics of my blog posts to talk about something that effects myself, and thousands of people across the world. For the longest time I have wanted to do something like this but feared that people wouldn't read my blog if I didn't produce my 'regular' posts, but, like you I am a real teenager with real thoughts and body hang-ups... let's talk about self-esteem. 

This is something that is thrown around a lot in the media. Magazines providing '10 easy ways to boost your self-esteem' and movies showing  'girl next door to bombshell' style transformations, all in a vain effort to attempt to show people that you too can be beautiful. But being shown something doesn't make you believe it. 

Society for so long has imposed this idea of the 'perfect body' upon us, so much so that we have forgotten how to appreciate ourselves the way we are, and not the way we want to be. Dieting tips, slimmer fit clothing and airbrushed models all exist to try to make us aspire to be and look like the models in magazines. There's nothing wrong if you do look like a model, and there's nothing wrong if you don't, but what is wrong is that we are taught to feel bad if we don't look like Gigi Hadid or Ryan Gosling. 

She thought her feet and nose were too big 
I myself have body hang ups. I try not to but I have seen a growth in their presence in my life. Many people look at me and assume that, just because I am skinny, I have no body hang ups and they would be wrong. There are many things I dislike about myself, everybody has things they dislike about themselves even if they are comfortable within their skin. You can be comfortable within yourself but still dislike your nose or thighs for example. Even Audrey Hepburn, noted for her beauty amongst the many qualities she possessed, had issues with self esteem and hang-ups. That is normal. What is nor normal is letting these hang-ups alter your life.

Insert self here...
So, don't be upset or cursing the universe if you don't have abs of steel or perfectly airbrushed skin - the models within the media don't either! It's all just a product of a computer and some defty handiwork. Just like me, you only have your own body and it may take time to learn to accept but I am confident that you'll get there. One day I will learn to love the things that annoy me now, I've already accepted the things I hated when I was 13 so who is to say that I won't love more of my body within the next 5 years? Most importantly though, self-esteem cannot be found within a magazine or a movie, I'm sure Ryan Reynolds telling you you're perfect would make us all feel better but that only happens in the movies (or if you happen to look like Blake Lively goddammit!) so it looks as though we are going to have to slum it and do it ourselves. And if all else fails there's always our friends Mr Ben and Mr Jerry to cheer us up :) 

Lottie :) 

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