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May 05, 2016

Since my first year of University officially draws to a close tomorrow (where has the time gone?) I thought I would share with you my uni room and where I have been living since September. I have loved making this room my own and I have big plans for my room in my accommodation next year, and since I will be leaving this room I thought I'd give you a little tour...

This is my room when I am stood in the door, my favourite look of the room is when the curtains are drawn and I get a chance to put my fairylights on, I've recently become sooo obsessed with fairy lights so any chance to have them on is great!


THE CHAIR... Literally where I dump my hoodies and bags, watched over by a hand-made Bagpuss I was given as a gift when starting uni...

I love my Audrey Hepburn pillow
My photo walls are what really made this room feel comfortable when I first moved. I've since expanded with my Polaroid wall, which I think looks pretty cool and is one of the first things that draws your eye when you walk in the room - took me ages to get it symmetrical though! I also have a wall planner and a chart allowing me to keep up with the reading for my course... not as fun as the picture wall I know!

I spend a lot of time at my desk, but I've made it a colourful place to work. I can't really work if my desk is messy so it's one of the few places in my room that is nearly always clean!

Please don't judge me that I still have tinsel up, but I bought it at Christmas and thought it looked cool so never took it down! I've kept my birthday cards up for pretty much the same reason, I took them down and my wardrobe looked bare so I put them back up even though my birthday was 3 months ago! This noteboard is where I stick random memos and stuff, and if you're wondering, the cinema tickets are from Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War

The Piece de la Resistance! My bookshelf is easily my favourite part of my entire room and it has grown so much since September. On the right you'll see my masquerade mask I got from an event, on the left you'll see my dolphin snow-globe and to top it off, it's surrounded by fairy lights, what more could a girl want? 

The top of the bookshelf is a little bit of a mess, but it basically holds my folders, DVDs and random things like lightbulbs... 

I have had an en-suite room this year, and this is it. I can't really say that much considering it's literally a shower, a loo and a sink but it serves my purposes which is all you need from a bathroom. 

Thanks for reading and taking the (un)official tour of my room! I can't believe I will be moving out next week but I've had such a great time in first year, and I can't wait to see what second year brings.

Lottie :)

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