The Female Doctor and why it matters

July 19, 2017

Three days ago the world was forever changed when it was revealed the new Dr Who would be a woman (played by the hella talented Jodie Whittaker). Fans from around the world were shocked in both awe and naivete, and the internet reacted accordingly...

Here we are, in the 21st century, when women have had the vote for 90+ years and when gender roles are constantly being questioned and reinvented yet this news has shocked the 'hardcore' nerds to their very core. 

To put it frankly, they're being babies about the whole thing.

The BBC has been inundated with complaints regarding their choice of actor to play fictional, time travelling alien because apparently, grown people have nothing better to do than to whine about a tv show. Their shock comes for reasons entirely based around her gender because the words 'doctor' and 'who' apparently connote so much masculinity that she might as well be called Jeff Manlyman. There is an outcry, for how will boys be able to play with a female Dr Who toy now? Their Tardis is emasculated! Never mind the Doctor's main nemesis, The Master, changed gender (remember Missy?!) our hero is a woman!!

My response to the whole thing is to roll my eyes, and to bask in the female-centred basassery that has come out of the past few years. We have had a female Ghostbusters reboot, Wonder Woman and now a female Dr Who, so if this isn't the best news for female nerds everywhere then I don't know what is! Little girls can now buy costumes for their heroes, they can have positive and strong female leads to watch (in addition to the ones that already exist, Ripley has been a favourite of mine since I first watched Alien) and most importantly, they will never be told 'oh you can't play Dr Who, he's a boooy!' In your face mean primary school boys, in your face!

I'm sorry that some whiny people on the internet cannot handle that women have capabilities past pushing out a few babies and frolicking in the fields but they have to face the facts; anything they can do, women can do equally as well (and for the same pay! C'mon world!)

Lottie :)

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