Dash And Lily's Book Of Dares - Book Review (contains spoilers)

August 03, 2014

I’ve just finished reading this book and I have to say, I’m experiencing a warm tingling feeling because it’s JUST TOO DAMN CUTE! Sorry for that random outburst of emotion! But this book was so good that I literally had to force myself to go to bed instead of staying up all night to read it.
This book centres around two teenagers called, you guessed it, Dash and Lily. And how do they meet I hear you ask, well Lily writes a series of ‘dares’ in a read moleskin notebook and leaves it in a local book shop called ‘The Strand’ and this leads to a back-and-forth communication with Dash through the red notebook. Of course, this being a book intended for teens, there’s romance, but it’s believable. There’s no near death experience, there’s no proclaiming their love in the pouring rain and there’s certainly no 50 shades of grey type activity and that’s exactly why I liked it. My friend, Emma who leant me the book, said that the character Lily was similar to me, maybe that’s the reason why I felt that I could connect with the character and therefore the book more than I would with say, Twilight (I mean how much can you empathise with Bella Swan of all characters? She has the emotional range of a rock and she falls in love with a 108 year old vampire/teen for crying out loud!)

However, the ONLY thing that annoyed me was Dash’s use of language; he is a 16 year old boy who had the vocabulary of a 60 year old English professor, or maybe John Green. He reminded me a little of Augustus from TFIOS with the language he uses and sometimes I found it hard to keep up with what he was saying without having to consult a dictionary every time spoke.

I am going to give this book an 8/10 because it was good, but not quite perfect but overall a very good read!  

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