Freaky Friday (16/31)

March 27, 2015

Fridays are easily the best day of the week, and Friday evenings... are usually filled with me binge eating Pringles and watching Gogglebox... #sadtruth

While other people are out, getting drunk, eating kebabs, enjoying 'the outside', I am sat at home, blogging, watching movies and putting off going into 'the outside'. Like, take today for instance, I've watched a film, and updated my iPod and then ritually watched Gogglebox... I'm such a sad excuse for a teenager. I should be drinking copious amounts of alcohol and then awaiting the hangover tomorrow... but noooo, here I am, being boring and not doing anything. Nothing at all! I think I've hit middle-age prematurely, next thing you will know I will be knitting jumpers for my 30 cats and singing Susan Boyle at the top of my lungs (I love a good bit of SuBo!)

On the plus side though, I have like 70 new songs to be listening to so I suppose it's not all that bad... Phantom of the Opera soundtrack anyone?

Lottie :)

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