How to be a student (15/31)

March 26, 2015

Being a student is a difficult time in your life, not only are you discovering who you are and what you like but you have a ton of work to do in order to pass your course. So, naturally, here is how to be a student:

  1. Buy a lot (and when I say a lot I mean a lot) of stationery, most of which you will NEVER use at all... like all those random flash cards that got lost somewhere between Christmas and Easter break (side note: I think they might be under 5 million hand-outs I've collected)
  2. Wear all your nice clothes in September/October and for the rest of the year dress like you've just rolled out of bed (and most of the time you will...)
  3. Get rid of the notion that you will get 8+ hours of sleep per night... 6 is the maximum you will EVER get... ever
  4. Procrastinate every time you have an essay... so you got it on Monday, let's wait until Thursday evening to even think about turning on your laptop
  5.  Despite the fact that you are getting older, your vocabulary will revert back to that of a Neanderthal and the words "Eurgh" and "ahh" will become part of your everyday vocabulary
  6. Pizza will become your best friend
  7. Get used to calling your tutors by their first names... it makes them sound like a friend rather than the all-seeing-giver-of-homework being they really are
  8. Buy lots of different coloured pens to fool your tutors into thinking you are revising
  9. Realise how long is left until exams and then cram, cram, cram!
  10. Have 4 mental breakdowns over coursework/homework/anything at all because you just need a good cry, okay?
Oh and don't forget the part about actually doing your course... but whatever...
So, there you have it... how to be a proper student, use it well!
Lottie :)

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