Oh the joys of mobile blogging (10/31)

It's 5 to 11 and I've only just had time to write this blog post, but I've had a pretty hectic day livin life on the edge (you know... The usual!) But basically I am blogging in the back of a taxi... #totesclassy and I've had a revelation... 

I went to a 50th Birthday party and I am thanking my lucky stars that I downloaded the Blogger app so that I can blog on the go, THANK YOU PAST ME! But I've just realised that I am now, officially a 'blogger', I've found ways to blog where ever and whenever - typing going up stairs anyone? People at the party were asking me what I was writing and I don't think they expected me to reply with "oh it's for my blog! 

But yeah... This is short and sweet about how I've managed to keep up with my '31 Days of Blogging' and the morale of the story, always download apps and keep with the goals set! 

Lottie :) 
P.S. Sorry about the lack of formatting, I will re-edit when I get on my laptop! :)

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