Procrastination for the nation (11/31)

March 22, 2015

As you are all aware, I am a student and lately the pressure has been on but the problem is... I CAN'T STOP PROCRASTINATING!

I will literally find anything to avoid doing homework... like writing this blog post for instance! I'm supposed to be doing work yet here I am... (and also here I am posting this 4 hours after beginning writing it!) I just can't seem to concentrate, there's always something that captures my attention more than the task I'm supposed to be doing; watching a bird, eating fruit, watching cat videos on YouTube... literally anything, it's a wonder I get anything done really! But how do you stop procrastinating? Is there some course I can go on; "Hello my name is Charlotte and I am a procrastinator!" Will it cure me? Will I remember to go? I don't know, maybe procrastination runs in my genes and I will pass it onto my children, and they onto theirs and so on and so forth until we eventually die off because we couldn't be bothered to run away from some futuristic dinosaur or something!

So thanks for reading my blog p-... ooh look another funny cat video!!
Lottie :)

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