Phobias (12/31)

March 23, 2015

I have some strange phobias, now I know everyone says this, but in my case it's true! Everyone thinks they're strange and I guess this reflects my personality...

So the first major one is birds (or Ornithophobia if we are getting technical!) I don't know why or where this stemmed from, but birds terrify me! Are they plotting to kill me? Do they want to steal my food? Can they sense my fear? Why do they exist? All I know is, and my friends can back me up here, but everytime a bird crosses my path I have to stop (have a little freak out) and wait for the bird to pass... They're just evil!

The second one is Punch and Judy (yes the puppets!) and this time I actually know where this comes from... Picture little 5 year old me, laughing at some joke Punch just told when BAM, I come face to face with a huge red nose of Punch... 

Can you see why I was (and still am) terrified of these creepy puppets... I mean who thought they would be funny? Who didn't realise they would terrify children and give them nightmares? WHY DO THEY EXIST? I mean just look at his big nose and his crazy eyes... that's it, I'm having nightmares for the rest of eternity... thanks!

So, tell me what are your phobias (weird or otherwise) and maybe we can set up a support group or something!
Lottie :) 

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  1. Loving these post Lottie, make my day! Keep em coming :)