I bought a colouring book!

You know a while back when I said that I am a big kid? Well today I bought a colouring book... If you follow me on Instagram (it's okay if you don't) you will see a page myself and my friend started today. What you won't see is that we spent one entire hour colouring in Costa Coffee in WHSmith!

I think I like colouring (and, I know, I sound 8 not 18!) because it's therapeutic and you don't really have to think about what you are doing, you just kinda do it. Maybe this is why people knit or do crafts or origami... I don't know, but literally myself and my friend just spent an hour sipping coffee (or in my case eating mini muffins...) and colouring in my new book! I felt like a kid again, it was so fun! And the best thing? Not one person thought we were weird for doing it! Okay, well maybe they thought it but I certainly didn't catch on (my powers of mind reading haven't quite come on in the way I planned) But that was certainly one of the best hours I have spent in the past few months, maybe this will aid the whole 'getting stressed because of exams' thing I was talking about in my previous blog post. Who knows? But for now, I'm gonna return to my colouring because, why not?

Lottie :)

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