My life = Exams

Nothing interesting happens to me!! Want to know why I haven't blogged in 2 weeks? Well it's because literally nothing interesting happens to me that you would want to read about! *le cry*

I wake up, go to college, come home, revise and eat (repeat x5) and at the weekends I mainly sleep, because... you know, I'm a teenager! I am so deep into a routine that getting out of it actually seems like it requires effort... too much effort! I would love to tell you cool travelling stories about how I rode an elephant (actually one of my goals) or how I saw Niagara Falls (another goal) but unfortunately I can't. I am sitting my A Levels in 2 months (AHHHHH) and my life at the moment literally revolves around revision, which sounds just as sucky as it is, so I'm sorry for being a dodgy blogger! I'm hoping once I get my exams out of the way that I will have more interesting stories to tell you, but for now, you'll have to make do with infrequent blog posts and one stressed blogger! SORRY DON'T HATE ME!

To tide you over until our next meeting, here is my motivation song:

On a side note... check out his HAT... I want it (I wonder if it will look as good on me... hmm)

Lottie (the sucky blogger!) :)

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