The problems of wearing glasses (29/31)

As a person who wears glasses in my everyday life, I encounter many struggles that other people fail to recognise and only fellow bespectacled people will understand...

  • Rain is the ultimate enemy. A full rainstorm or a light mist makes no difference as your glasses will be covered in spots of water that distort your vision. Is that a dog or a tree? You will never know because you everything will look like you are viewing the world through toilet window glass (you know what I mean). What I want to know is, WHY HAVEN'T GLASSES WINDSCREEN WIPERS BEEN INVENTED YET?!?!
  • You know in winter when you go from the cold, baron outside, into the warm inside and you get that rush of heat on your frozen face and you feel all steamy? Yeah, well imagine that feeling on your glasses, but imagine that as soon as you step into the warm inside, you lose your vision. Us glasses-wearers have resigned ourselves to the fact that when this happens, you are blind either way. You can't continue to wear your glasses (because, ya know, they look like you are in a sauna) but if you take them off you can barley see 3 feet in front of your face! Sorry to everyone I have crashed into because I am as blind as a bat!
  • Oh how I envy my friends who are able to lay down while watching TV, because this happens

          And basically you can't see... This happens quite a lot doesn't it?
  • Summer is a wonderful time for all, ice cream, festivals, tanning. But shall I tell you what is not fun? Having your glasses take a stroll down your nose at the first sign of heat! Oh you're trying to read a book? Too bad. Trying to revise? Ha loool. Walking? Soz mate but not today, imma just quit your face leaving you groping around like Velma off Scooby-Doo... "my glasses, where are my glasses?!"
  • Cute sunglasses are a thing of the past, to replace them, have some clunky prescription sunglasses that gift you with the magical sense of sight on a hot day! Oh how I would love to wear cool sunglasses, but instead I choose to be able to see if a car is going to hit me... :/
  • They reflect everything... and I mean everything. Camera flash, computer screens, even windows for crying out loud! Nothing is saved from the glasses reflection nightmare we face... it's a daily struggle.
  • Getting a new pair of glasses is fun right? WRONG! Sure they might look cute, but you spend at least 2 weeks feeling like you live in a fish bowl and feeling like your eyes are screaming for help (which is ironic because these things are there to help you see... not to make it worse!) and then come the 'new-glasses-headaches' which say "hey! At least your eyes are reacting to the new specs!"
These are only a few of the struggles a glasses wearer faces in their daily lives. So next time you see someone with glasses, be thank full that you have 20/20 vision and don't have a mini heart attack when you can't find your glasses (even though you are probably wearing them!)

Lottie :)

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