Vintage is back? (25/31)

April 06, 2015

So I went shopping with my friends and I realised (to my delight) that Vintage is coming back with a force... and then I had a flashback!

Some of the things were pretty cool, I saw some dungarees in Topshop that I loved (but sadly couldn't afford because they were £45 and all!) but there were some absolute ABOMONATIONS that should have stayed in the fashion bin! When did shoulder pads come back in? I mean, if you paid a lot of money for a shoulder pad jacket, I would expect it would look ok, but a £12 special from Primark makes you look like you could balance an entire football team's drinks (WAGs and all) on your shoulders! Your become pea-head, the balancer of drinks, bench shoulders. Baso, not a good look! One thing I am REALLY hoping stays the hell away from the 21st Century is the Mullet because if I see people with a haircut with the motto "business at the front, party at the back" I am leaving Earth forever...

(and yes, I did have to save a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus with a mullet to my computer... I DID IT FOR SCIENCE OKAY!)

Lottie :)

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