Why I was an awkward 16yr old!

June 11, 2015

Since it's 'Throwback Thursday' I thought I would delve into my photo albums on my laptop to see what fresh horrors awaited me, and Jesus Christ, how embarrassing was I as a teenager? And this got me thinking of some embarrassing facts about myself...

You know when you see celebrities' old High School picture and then a picture of them now, and you're like "OMG how can THAT be Zac Efron?!" 
(Like SERIOUSLY, how the fudge is that the same person?)

Well that's me... but in a "ew how did I even go out of the house?" sort of way? Let me elaborate;
I decided from a young age that I wanted to be like Rapunzel and have long, loong hair. This was alright for a 6 year old, and to some extent an 11 year old, but by the time I reached 16, I had long wavy brown hair (sounds nice right?) which I kept scraped back into a pony tail 24/7. That's right, I had the world of hair at my feet (literally) and I wore a pony tail, and sometimes a bun if I was feeling adventurous! #hardcore amirite?
This was also the time when my eyesight started to deteriorate... I first noticed I needed glasses at 14 and had been wearing generic glasses ever since, but when I was 16 I decided to get designer glasses... that didn't sit straight on my face and made me look like a 92 year old arthritic woman. Also, they had this strange screw that basically held the frame onto the lens (pretty essential right?) but the screw would keep coming out, so sometimes I had the gift of sight, and other times... not so much! I could see out of my right eye fine, but my left was blind as a bat! THANKS GLASSES!
Thirdly (and this was something I couldn't control) but I had a strangely fat face for a tiny body. Ever since having braces at 11, my face had gotten more round until I looked like I had a grape for a head, which was strange considering that I had (and still have) a size 8 body. For the entirety of the last year of high school I felt like that guy from 'ROBOTS' (if you don't remember that film then I'm silently shunning you) when he was forced to wear a female body...(I tried to find a photo but all I got was weird anime fanfiction about two robots hooking up which I did not want to see, especially so close to eating! Maybe Tumblr can help:
YAAAS, Tumblr never lets me down... Back to the point)
Yeah, so I kinda felt like this in High School because I just didn't match (wow that was deep) but I'm pretty sure I didn't have it as bad as this ^ guy so whatevs! 

Anyways... I'm gonna stop before I fall into the void of memories and I experience full body cringe attacks... ew. Now you know how embarrassing I was as a teen, I would love to comfort myself knowing that some of you were as awkward as I was, let me know in the comments and also, let me know if I should do another installment of teenage derps and fails...

Lottie :)

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