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November 08, 2015

So, as you know, I am a student at university which means I need to be organised. Now I'm not really an organised person usually but I decided to make the effort when I moved away just so that I could keep on track with my work and hopefully get into some really good habits for the rest of my degree. This new spurt of organisation meant I had to go stationery shopping (quel horreur!) so here is what I bought all the way back in August and things I've added to since then... Here is my stationery...


So here is my diary for the academic year. It's really important to me that I have a diary so I can write down assignments and whatnot but what I loved most about this was the inspirational quote on the front. It really stands out and I love it - unfortunately I can't tell you where I got this as I recieved it as a present for passing my A Levels but if you spot it let me know.


This I got from the Works for the grand total of £2. The size is what drew me to it as I realised I would have a lot of writing to do and I wanted a large notebook but for a fraction of the price they sell notebooks like this for in WH Smith and other shops like it.


If you know me, you'll know I love to make my notes colourful and uni is no exception. I have bought the PaperMate pens ever since my GCSE's as I find they write really well, last a long time and the ink is bright - meaning my notes stand out more. The other pens I bought on sale in WH Smith. They're not what I usually buy but so far they've been really helpful if I am annotating poems or writing essay plans as there are 30 colours all together, meaning I can have a colour scheme for each piece of work. Also, who doesn't want rainbow pens?
Highlighters - need I say more? These neon ones have been really helpful a they are so bright. Not to sound like a highlighter snob but I usually buy branded named highlighters just because I find the colours to be a lot brighter and they tend to write a lot easier. 

Sticky Notes:

Ok, as you can see, I have a ton of sticky notes. I find them really useful for a multitude of things like drawing my eye to important sections of notes and writing reminders down when I am on the phone. They are never not needed. The sticky tabs I use for marking pages in books and organising my folder as they stand out and allow me to access my notes really easily. I've also got rainbow tabs which I can write on which I use for colour-coding my work.


Usually I go crazy with folders, but I thought I would reign myself in when I came to university and actually didn't buy any! I had 6 lever arch folders at home which I had collected since starting my GCSE's and I felt that it was a shame to throw them away, especially since they were in perfect condition. The folder I am currently using for my work in first year is this cute owl one I bought from Wilkos around 2 years ago. I love the minimalist design and how cute the owl is on the front plus, as it's a lever arch, there is plenty of room for all my work. I would definitely recommended buying lever arch files over the ones you clip yourself as not only do they hold more work, but they're less fiddly to open when your file is full.

Wall Planner:

Now this one I didn't know I needed until I got to uni. During the first week the SU were giving them out for free and I took one, wanting to grab as much free stuff as possible. It turned out really useful as I helps me to visualise how my assignments are spaced and I can be objective about work etc. I'd definitely recommend getting a wall planner - also it adds a bit more colour to your bland walls which is a bonus. 

 photo 8cc3c5da-bb9d-4f6e-a958-214c79fcc8bb_zps2d899653.png  photo 8a53bf3b-e055-4bab-be06-30559d3f8d54_zps8c5f80d5.png  photo fbbbf2f7-086c-413b-9989-0edfa5e4b3ec_zps30839ce2.png

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