Blogmas Day Ten - Christmas on a Budget

As you know, I am at university and therefore I don't have all the money in the world. I knew Christmas would be a different experience because, for the first time, I not only have to buy Christmas presents, but my food as well...

I knew budgeting would be an issue, but I've not really set myself a definitive limit on how much I can spend but I know roughly how much I want to spend on each person which helps. If i see something which is over my limit I shop around to find it at a lower price. Also, by doing this I've come across places I wouldn't usually go for gifts which is awesome. Wilkos has become my shrine as their Christmas wrapping paper is lovely but really cheap...

Make a List:
I do this every year, I have to know what I am buying people otherwise I wander round aimlessly for hours before I decide on something which usually drives the people I'm with up the wall! Plus this helps with the whole budgeting thing as you can shop around for that perfect (yet affordable) gift.

Don't worry too much about money:
I know this sounds weird considering my first point revolved around money, but don't stress about money too much Christmas isn't about money, it's about being with your family. I'm sure you'r mum won't mind those cozy socks, as long as you put time into thinking about a gift it doesn't matter if it costs £10 or £100. It's the thought that counts. 

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