Blogmas Day Two - Favourite Christmas Films

Who doesn't love Christmas films? The crazy plots, the awesome music and the fact that they are centered around the best (and most magical) time of the year. Not to mention the awesome all-star casts they drag in which helps to make things that little bit more special. With that in mind, here are my 5 favourite Christmas films

1. Love Actually

This is my favourite full full stop. I watch it any time of the year, even when the sun is shining in August but since it takes its stage around the Christmas period it appears here on this list. Also, who doesn't want a cheesy romance film set at Christmas?

2. Home Alone

I always remember watching this as a child and loving the crazy booby-traps Kevin comes up with, it's one of those films that you can watch again and again without ever getting bored!

3. It's a Wonderful Life

I'll admit, I saw this film for the first time last Christmas, but I fell in love with it. I'm a sucker for vintage movies so this was right up my street, and let's not forget the classic line "every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings"

4. Elf

I remember going to the cinema to see this and not being that enthused with it, but over time it's grown on me and has become one of my firm favourites. Buddy has to be one of my favouite movie characters and this movie never fails to entertain me.

5. White Christmas

This combines everything I love into one movie; singing, dancing, vintage movies and of course Christmas! The plot is incredibly simple which allows the amazing (Fosse choreographed) dance numbers to shine through, and if Bing Crosby singing 'White Christmas' isn't enough to get you into the holiday spirit, I don't know what is!

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