How I pack for a weekend away

July 26, 2016

Way back in April, my flatmates and I booked a trip to see the Bolshoi Ballet on their English Tour. Since it landed in the middle of summer, we decided to make a trip of it and visit my flatmate in Essex. This means, however I would have to pack for a long weekend away... which I am terrible at! I always seem to pack waaay too much and my bag weighs a ton, but my dad gave me a great piece of advice 'write down what you think you need, then half it' - with that in mind, here is how I packed for my weekend away...

First of all, I make a list of everything I may need. This list is usually quite long, so taking my dad's advice, I halved the list and ended with this list here. As you can see, I have split my list into sections which I find really useful. When it comes to packing, whether it's for a weekend or a fortnight I tend to panic about what I need and pack everything! Making a list really helps me to concentrate on what I do and don't need. 

After I've made my list I gather all the clothes I am taking together. When I pack for summer I always take one outfit that I can wear on cooler days as British Summer is never predictable and may drop cooler while I am away. With this trip, I decided to take light clothing that I can roll up small and won't take a lot of room in my bag. I've also catered my wardrobe around two pairs of shoes so I am not making my bag heavier than necessary with multiple pairs of shoes.

I then seperate the clothes I am going to travel in (I usually wear my hoodie to travel as they are bulky to fold) and roll the rest of my clothes as small as possible and setting them to one side to tick off other items on my list. 

After my clothes, I get my toiletry bag ready. Since I have eczema, I need to ensure I have moisturiser with me or my skin will dry out; the one I have been loving for many years now is Aveeno, and the thin bottle sits perfectly in my bag. I also take other essentials which you can see in the picture. 

Then comes the fun part, make-up! This never really used to be an issue for me since I never really wore make-up but over the past couple of years I have started to take an interest so narrowing down my collection was difficult. I always take my daily make-up which consists of; powder, liquid eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil and since it is summer I am taking my MAC Honeylove, MAC Red and my NYX liquid lipsticks with me as they are light and summery. My saving grace has been the NYX 'Butt Naked' palette as it contains 15 full sized eyeshadows and a collection of highlighters and blushers which is perfect for travel. Although the palette is slightly bulky I love the colours and easiness of this pallette. 

Since that is all the clothing I will be taking, I pack my bag and move onto my hand bag.

Since I only really own dark coloured bags, and most of my outfits in summer feature a lot of white, I set about finding a white bag - which came in the shape of this Kenneth Cole bag I found in TK Maxx. I was really drawn by the floral print attached bag on the front and I loved how spacious it was inside. However, I have only just realised that it is a 3 in 1 bag! I love bags that can be used in multiple situations and this is no exception! The little bag on the front can be used as a small clutch or strappy bag which is perfect for travelling since I won't have to worry about taking multiple bags with me. 

In my bag I basically carry my essentials plus a book, bottle of water, umbrella (this is summer in England we are talking about) and my travel sickness tablets and bands since I have always suffered from car sickness. Through trial and error I have found some tablets that work for me, and the travel bands press on my pressure points on my wrists to prevent motion sickness further. 

So that's how I pack for a weekend away, keep posted for more posts to do with my trip but I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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