Creative Writing - Character

October 18, 2016

This week we focused on character and how to develop well rounded characters in our future writings. We had 10 minutes to write about our character and what they would have in their bedroom, making sure to add in some surprising belongings to spice up our writing a little.

I found myself writing about a skeptical and messy character who began as a reflection of myself but the more I wrote about her the further removed she became from my personality. She ended up as a sort of hybrid of myself and Jessica Jones which is an interesting mix to write about. 


The bedroom is a small, poky room that is messy and not well kept. The walls are bare but yellow. When she moved in 4 years ago, she painted the walls in hopes that the colour would make her happy - now it just makes her sick. In the corner the small desk is buried under 4 years worth of crap; bills, wedding invitations, anything she doesn't want to deal with belongs on the desk. She doesn't even know what is in the drawers anymore, it's been years since she checked. The bed is messy and unmade. She tried to be one of those people who liked pillows, but after a week she realised that she really wasn't and gave up. Now they just lay in a dejected pile on the floor at the foot of the bed. The red and white checkered pattern of her bedsheets clash with the walls but she couldn't be bothered to buy new sheets so it would have to do. Besides, it's not like anybody but her entered her room so it didn't matter. Above the bed there is a shelf filled with dusty trinkets; an empty photo frame, an unused vanilla candle, an old copy of Catcher in the Rye that was a Christmas present one year. The only things that didn't have a layer of dust on them were a pot filled with chocolate and a packet of cigarettes that was crumpled and almost empty. The wardrobe lay empty save for a white dress and an old coat. The rest of her wardrobe lay artfully on the floor, the clean and the dirty mingled together. The bin overflows with months of empty coffee cups, wrappers and pizza boxes. On the bedside table there sits a ring, a letter and a coffee cup. The emerald in the ring catches the light from the window and projects coloured patterns on the wood below. She doesn't like to admit it, but you'll sometimes catch her wearing the ring where it should sit, on her left hand, it's hard for her to move on. The old coffee cup sits atop an old invoice for the wedding reception she never got to attend but had to pay for anyway, the details are marred with years of coffee rings. Outside it rains and the gutter leaks onto the windowsill. 

Lottie :) 

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