Creative Writing - Famous First Line

October 11, 2016

I've always been interested in creative writing and writing in general. As a child I had a notebook that I would write all my wacky story ideas in, most of them were very blatant rip-offs of famous books I was reading at the time but I loved to write. Fast forward a few years and I had the opportunity to pick a creative writing module at university so I jumped at the chance to improve on my writing and develop my style.

Each seminar we focus on different aspects of writing, and this piece is the first piece I wrote in the class. This lesson was simply an introduction to creative writing and to allow us to be creative with a few stimuli. We had 10 minutes to create a piece around famous first lines of novels. Here is mine:


I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.* How I got there is a bit of an embarrassment but it's all part of the scientific process I guess so here I go...

June 23rd - Preliminary testing for the Shrinking Serum began. 3 out of 4 'subjects' (and by subjects I mean stuffed bears from the local toy shop) had been recovered successfully. Number 4... well let's say Mr Snuffles was thought to be lost forever, that was before I found myself in the aforementioned kitchen sink. Anyway, the test results were glowing and, after receiving the thumbs up from my manager, I was allowed to start testing the serum on live subjects.

3 pigs, 2 sheep and an ostrich later the shrinking serum was finally ready for human consumption. Being the over-eager scientist I am I wanted to take the 'giant leap for mankind' and drink the serum myself. It worked better than expected except for two tiny, minuscule hiccups;
1. Due to the fact that the serum had, hitherto, been tested on teddy bears and animals, I lacked the foresight to test whether the serum would work on clothes - I know now it does not.
2. In order to make myself 'regular' sized again, I had to drink the reversal fluid... which was tucked safely inside my lab coat that was, due to the previous problem, laying in a heap on the floor.

So, here I am; small, naked and trapped in the kitchen sink. And the icing on the cake? My boss had the amazing idea to install incendiary sinks in all the labs in the company, including mine. Which means that every Friday at 5pm the sink, the one I am trapped in, will spontaneously combust in a fiery explosion that is designed to kill every microbe (and every tiny scientist) in its path. It's 3:30pm... on Friday 13th...

Oh, this is going to be fun!

Lottie :)

*Dodie Smith - I Capture the Castle

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