October 04, 2016

As you may well have noticed, I have been absent on this blog for a while now. I could make up an excuse, or I could be brutally honest - which is what I am going to do.

To be quite honest, I feel that I've got nothing relevant to say. I feel like I've been trying to be someone I'm not on this blog, and since I am the one writing it, I feel that I should be getting some enjoyment out of it.

I have never been the girl with impeccable make-up. I don't look like a long-lot Kardashian Sister and, quite honestly my life is a mess. I'm 19, my life shouldn't be put together, I'm at university, I'm skint and I have no idea what I want for my dinner let alone what I want to do when I graduate! I can't profess that I have all this worldly wisdom when, in reality, I'm stumbling around as much as you are. My make-up skills are sub-par. While I enjoy posting make-up tutorials, I feel like a fraud sometimes because I'm not that good. I only started wearing make-up 2 years ago, I've never really been overly interested so those tutorials are mostly so I can remember how to do the look, not to teach anyone else.

I want this blog to be different. There's so many 'lifestyle' blogs out there that I feel like I am swimming against the tide. I want to write things that interest me, at the moment I'm not really sure what that is but I created this blog to have a little fun with, not to feel tied down to certain posts and dictate to myself what I can and can't post. If one day I want to upload a make-up tutorial I will, but from now on, this blog is for my benefit.

I want to write posts that I can look back on and remember good times, I don't really care about giving advice and I just want to write. If that means I post once a year, so be it, I have just felt so drained trying to be 'Zoella' or 'Sprinkle of Glitter' that I forgot why I created this blog in the first place.

I love to write stories, and have been experimenting with poetry. I have a nerdy side that I haven't really shown. I am so much more than advice and lists. So basically, what I am trying to say is; I will be writing what I want, when I want and some of it may be interesting, and some of it may not but I don't mind because this is my small corner of the internet that I shall fill with whatever ramblings I want. I still love writing my blog, but something has to change. It's time I came clean and started writing about things that interest me, not that I think will interest anyone else. 

Thanks for understanding
Lottie :)

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