To all those starting university in September...

August 18, 2016

First of all, congratulations! You've made it to the university of your choice and you're about to start the next chapter of your life; studying something you're passionate about in an area surrounded by people your own age...

Freshers' week is just one week. As I mentioned in my blog post freshers' is a trying time, not for everyone but it is the first week of being away from home. Of course you are going to feel homesick and lost - university campuses are daunting until you know your way around but you'll get there. It won't be freshers' week forever and before you'll know it it'll be Christmas and you won't want to come home! The first week is always the hardest so don't be perturbed if it takes you a while to settle in.

You're not as far away from home as you think. Personally, I chose a university relatively close to my home, wanting to gain independence without being too far away from home, but I know people who have gone to London (I'm from the North) and further for university and are loving it. The first time I took the train from university to home by myself I was scared, the journey felt like it took forever when in reality it was two small hours. The more you travel to and from university, you'll realise how close to home you are (which can either be comforting or aggravating) so uni won't feel like you're on the moon anymore - I know it can feel that way in the beginning.

Homesickness is more common than you think. I know I've already spoken about this numerous times on here but loads of students get homesick and you won't be the only one (despite you feeling like you are.) To be honest, you've every right to be homesick - you're away from home for the first time, of course you're going to miss where you've lived for the past 18+ years. Don't be too hard on yourself, if phoning your mum is what it takes to make you feel better then do that - don't drag yourself down for having a natural reaction to being away from home.

Uni washing machines cost a bomb. The machines at my uni cost £2.50 for a wash and £1.80 for the dryer! There are two solutions to this expensive dilemma... 1) You could be a mong and not wash any clothes throughout the year OR 2) you can invest in some hand wash solution (I got mine from Wilkos) and wash your undies and such in your sink. I also got a small airier that fits over my radiator so I can dry my clothes and washed small loads in my sink to save money. I don't know why university washing machines cost so much, I mean you're already paying £9,000 tuition fees so you'd figure the machines would be a little bit cheaper but please don't be that person who wears the same pair of socks from freshers' week to exam season...

Pasta is a food of the gods! Pasta bake, bolognese, pasta and cheese. Whatever you mix it with it is so worth having some in your cupboard. I get Morrison's own dried pasta because it lasts longer and it helps when you need something quick and if you're not brilliant at cooking. You can make a million and one meals with a bag of pasta and I think your mum would do a little sigh of relief that you're not living off pot noodles for 6 months! 

Most importantly, have fun. My first year went by so quickly, I sometimes feel like it was a dream so make the most of it while it lasts! You'll meet new people, try new things and gain your independence, while studying a subject you love of course. Good luck in your degree and your journey ahead.

Lottie :) 

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