January Favourites

January 31, 2016

As January is drawing to a close I thought I would share the things I have loved this month. Most of these will be Christmas presents so I don't think my favourites will always be this big but there's a whole range of things, ranging from things that have made my life easier to things that are just fun. So without further ado, here are my January favourites...

Clinique Facial Kit:
I have had this set for a while, but it was added to at Christmas and now I feel that the set is more complete than it was before. Since I have been wearing more foundation, and since I have dry skin to begin with, it is important that I clean my skin with the right products. The results are amazing! My skin feels soft and fresh and all traces of that day's make-up are gone. Since I am taking better care of my skin, it is beneficial to me that I develop a skincare routine for my face, without the products damaging my skin. I would fully recommend Clinique as they are really gentle on your skin but produce amazing results.

MAC 'Honeylove' Lipstick:

I featured this in my New Year's Day Make-up  post and have been loving it throughout January. I really wanted a lipstick that I could wear everyday as well as on special occasions and this does just that, I can wear it throughout the day in my lectures without looking too done up, but I can also wear it out if I am opting for a lighter look or a heavier eye make-up. I have to say, I love the staying power of this lipstick as unlike many of my darker coloured lipsticks, it doesn't run after a few hours, making it durable throughout the entire day. 

I seem to always be cold so slippers are always a good gift for me and this year I got two pairs, which was great for me since the slippers I have at uni are literally falling to pieces!

The first pair are these lovely pink and grey slippers from Marks and Spencers. Marks has recently changed their sizing from S,M,L to show size which I think gives a much better fit. The insides are so soft and furry and the hard soles offer extra support, especially when you have to go outside to take the bins out at 11pm!

The second pair I received was this blue and white pair. As these are from Primark, these are a bit wider than the M&S ones, but are just as warm. I usually wear these with my pyjamas and the wider foot allows me to fit my slipper socks underneath so I am nice and cozy!

For the longest time, I have wanted a bag which is both spacious and fashionable and now I have it! I love the colour of the bag, it's one of my favourite colours so most of my wardrobe is in this colour scheme anyway (which is a bonus!) but I especailly love how spacious it is, with the capacity to hold anything and everything I could possibly need when I'm in lectures all day! But more about this bag in one of my next posts, so look out for that!

Polaroid Camera:
If you know me, you'll know I absolutely love vintage things and I've always loved the idea of a Polaroid camera. I have the Fujifilm Instax Mini and it has quickly become my favourite thing ever! Much like my selfie-stick, it has become a staple in my handbag, and I take it with me everywhere I go. I love the fact that memories are created instantly and there is a little snapshot of that day in your hand. It's so much better than taking 50 photos on a night out, when you can pop a few instant photos instead. The only problem with this is trying not to lose the photos once you have taken them though! 

So these are my January favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you would like to see any other topics on my blog don't hesitate to contact me via the Hello, I'm Lottie Facebook Page

Lottie :) 

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