New Years Day Make-up

January 01, 2016

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time and never actually got around to it, so I thought 'what better time to try new blog ideas than the new year?' With that in mind I thought I would show you my make-up look I did for New Years Day - it's not a particularly heavy look as I was spending time with my family and I felt like I would be too done up if I had darkened my make-up. I was also wearing a new outfit which featured a green skirt so I didn't want my make-up to clash with the colour of my skirt as I mostly own red lipsticks. The products I used will be at the end of the post, so here is my New Years make-up...

I started off with applying my foundation and concealer. I'm not really good with contouring, I tried it on Halloween and it went really wrong, but since I was a skeleton I rolled with it but I don't think I have the skills enough to attempt contouring for everyday. 

(Also, sorry for my messy bed, I clearly didn't think too much about the background of my photos haha)

This creepy photo is my eye, sorry about that... But I applied a thin line of eyeliner. Since I am attempting a smokey eye I didn't want my usual thick cat-eye as I wanted to keep things quite light and natural. Another thing I changed from my usual eyeliner routine is I didn't line the bottom lashes. Instead I blended a little of the brown from the smokey eye on the bottom lash line which saved me from getting raccoon eyes during the afternoon. 

I then did a smokey eye with my Clinique smokey eye kit. This is the bold part of my make-up today - if I was going out it would be a lot darker but I kept it subtle. I've recently gotten back into eyeshadow as when I started wearing my glasses I thought nobody would see it but I recently wore a pink smokey eye and got loads of complements from people so the love/hate relationship with eyeshadow continues... 

To finish my nude-look I added my nude MAC lipstick. I love this as it has great staying power and doesn't run. It complements my pale skin tone really well as sometimes I know nude lipsticks can appear too dark/light depending on the complexion of the wearer. I think this look would work well with a dark red or berry coloured lip, but as I said I was aiming to keep it natural but I'll definitely be experimenting in the future.

As I said in the intro, I also wore a new outfit which consisted of this lovely coat. Normally I wouldn't even consider buying something like this but I thought 'what the heck, it's new year' and I really like it! I think this is a warning to me to contemplate things I wouldn't normally, as it makes a pleasant change from jeans and a t-shirt I usually wear. 

I love the off -the-shoulder detail on this jumper

Foundation - Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturiser (Shade 2)
Concealer - Clinique airbrush concealer (Neutral Fair)
Eyeshadow - Clinique all about shadow quad
Mascara - Clinique chubby lash fattening mascara
Eyeliner - Barry M 'Blink' eyeliner
Eyebrows - Rimmel London eyebrow pencil
Lipstick - MAC honeylove
Blush - Bourjois rose mandarin blush 

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