The Best Day Ever - Bolshoi Ballet

July 28, 2016

Every person has a list of things they want to see/do in their lifetime and at the top of mine for many years has been to see the Bolshoi Ballet perform. Well, when I got the chance to make this dream a reality I jumped at the chance, it's not everyday that the ballet company you're most anxious to see tours your country!

Myself and my uni flatmates saw the performance of Don Quixote which was incredible! I've never seen the ballet before so it was new to me but I can safely say it is one of my favourites now. The choreography, the dancing, the costumes... everything was perfect and I can't get over how brilliant the entire performance was! 

I felt like a child when I walked into the Royal Opera House. I'd never been before and it was so grand, I felt like Lucy when she sees Narnia for the first time - I couldn't believe I was actually there and my dream was actually happening! It sounds really cheesy I know but when you've wanted to do something for so long, it feels surreal when you finally get to do it! According to Rebecca, I was grinning like a child at Christmas the entire way through the first act - which I can believe! 

I can't get over how I have seen the Bolshoi live! The experience was incredible and I so wish time machines existed so that I could go back in time and watch the performance again, but since Dr Who isn't going to make an appearance in my life anytime soon, I'll have to make do with staring longingly at the programme I bought! 

Lottie :)

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