Dead Poets Society - Film Review (contains spoilers)

Director: Peter Weir
I have wanted to watch this film for the longest of times, and given the recent sad passing of Robin Williams, there was no time like the present and can I say WOW! I have laughed, cried and cringed with the characters from the boys school, this film literally took me on an emotional rollercoaster so much so that I have a nice tear-pool at the bottom of my glasses! :)

Bunheads - Book Review (contains spoilers)

Bunheads – Sophie Flack

So I’ve been dancing since I was four, and from the age of five I decided I wanted to be a ballerina (until I learnt how much work it would take so I settled for Princess instead) and when I saw this book on the shelf in WH Smith, it literally screamed “READ ME!” so I bought it. Let me tell you BIG MISTAKE! The tagline of the book was ‘How do you choose between your first love and your first solo?’ so I thought, “I love dance, and I love romance novels, this book seems PERFECT for me!” I was soooo wrong. This book literally contains page after page of menial ballet rehearsal time, description of the ballet dances which (unless you’ve practised ballet before) you won’t understand and not one but TWO crappy ‘love’ interests.

Dash And Lily's Book Of Dares - Book Review (contains spoilers)

I’ve just finished reading this book and I have to say, I’m experiencing a warm tingling feeling because it’s JUST TOO DAMN CUTE! Sorry for that random outburst of emotion! But this book was so good that I literally had to force myself to go to bed instead of staying up all night to read it.

Pleasantville - Film Review (contains spoilers)

Director: Gary Ross
I read about this film on a website and the description given was a little bit strange; but being horrendously bored and sort of intrigued, I proceeded to watch it anyway and let me say I LOVED IT! Reese Witherspoon (who is the typical blonde teenager) and her bro, Tobey Maguire (The typical nerd) get sucked into a 1950’s TV programme called Pleasantville, and as the name suggests, everything is perfect. Or so it seems. As soon as the siblings arrive, things begin to change, things aren’t as perfect as they once were and suddenly this previously black and white world (both literally and metaphorically) begins to change into colour.

Thirteen Reasons Why - Book Review (contains spoilers)

Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher
This book is different to the things I normally read, for starters it’s about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind seven tapes naming and shaming the people who led to her death. Deep I know! So I was intrigued because I hadn’t read a book quite like it, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. At the beginning of the book, the reasons are shallow and childish but as I progressed reading the book I found that the first reasons acted as a snowball for the reasons at the end of the book. The scenarios gradually got worse to the point where you, as a reader, understand Hannah’s reasons for killing herself.