Happy Blogaversary!

I only realised this earlier this month, but today is a rather special day for Hello, I'm Lottie!

I had an epiphany in M&S

Today something happened that made me realise how negative I am about myself... nothing bad, don't worry, but it kinda just opened my eyes a little bit.

Why is printing so tiring?

Judging by the title you will be thinking, 'Lottie, have you gone crazy?', while the answer will always be 'just a little' this time there's a valid reason behind this.

Feminism and the right to be equal

Okay, I feel that this has to be said, it shouldn't have to be said but someone has to say it.

I can't sing!

One thing I am really jealous of, is people who can sing. I literally sound like a beached whale on the rare occasions that I attempt to sing but I reaaaaalllllly wish I sounded at least semi-decent.

Get Commenting... (if you want to that is)

GUYS! Oh my gosh... the most amazing thing has just happened... MY COMMENTS FINALLY WORK ON HERE!

Voting in the General Election

I did an adult-y thing today and I voted for the very first time in the General Election!

Me v.s. The Weather

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I live in England, and you want to know what England is famous for (other than tea and the Queen)... rain!

House goals

A YouTuber I watch (It'swaypastmybedtime) has recently moved into her own flat (which is awesome BTW) and that got me thinking how I would decorate my flat when I eventually move out into the big wide world...


You know what I will never understand? The huge shock people have when I tell them I don't like drinking alcohol. Why is this such a shock to people?